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Letter From The President

Welcome the THE MOLES website!


We are THE MOLES, a national  organization of thirty-two chapters. Our motto, “ENJOY YOURSELF; IT’S LATER THAN YOU THINK" describes what we believe. Our members share a common conviction, that nothing is promised and we must enjoy each day.  


THE MOLES, began as a group of four friends coming together for an evening of fellowship and fun. From this beginning, THE MOLES was formed and in 1950 in Norfolk, Virginia the group was chartered as the first chapter. The charter members were Emily Alston, Sara Ashe, Ernestine Bowser, Eunice Brickhouse, Lillian Brock, Margaret Chavious, Hermoine Ford, Mary Lou Henderson, Vivian Hucles, Celestine Diggs Porter, Thelma Pruden, Vivian Riddick, Aileen  Spiller and Cleo Washington. Today we have chapters from New York to Florida and as far west as Texas. Our membership of nearly 1,000 is predominantly African American professional women.  

Although the early chapters were originally organized for fun and friendship, the members soon realized there were unmet civic, social, and financial needs in their respective communities.  


Today, our members provide service to their communities either through donations or by  volunteering in worthy projects. Each year, THE MOLES contributes to a nonprofit in the city  where the annual meeting is held. Additionally, two scholarships, the Martin Luther King, Jr.  Scholarship and the Celestine Diggs Porter Scholarship, are awarded each year to deserving  students. 


In 2025, THE MOLES will reach a significant milestone, 75 years. Look to hear more about our  “Golden  Anniversary" celebration. In the meantime, stay tuned for more about THE MOLES!

Updated MP Mole Madeline Headshot.jpg

Mole Madeline Scales-Taylor

20th National President

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