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THE MOLES, although organized for fun, pleasure and fellowship, realized that there are those in their respective communities who need a helping hand.  Chapters across the country participate in service projects.  They have purchased life memberships in the NAACP, contributed to health and physical needs for the less fortunate, funded scholarships, assisted in worthy projects for the underserved.  THE MOLES have voiced their opinion on issues related to civil rights and women’s rights.  They have recognized the “un-sung” citizens in their communities. Each year a contribution is made to a nonprofit in the community where the annual conclave meeting is held. 

In 1968, following the assignation of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., THE MOLES established the Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarship.  Applicants apply through their local Moles chapter and the final awardee is selected by THE MOLES’ National Scholarship Committee.  Currently, this scholarship is awarded to a worthy collegiate student and is renewable for four years.  

A second scholarship was established in 2007 which was originally named THEMOLES Scholarship and designated as a scholarship for a worthy female student entering college.  In 2019, the name of the scholarship was changed to the Celeste Diggs Porter Scholarship, to honor THE MOLES’ first elected National President.  Additionally, the decision was made to open this scholarship to male students, also. 

For both scholarships, students must be enrolled as full-time students as well as must maintain a 3.0 cumulative grade point average.  Since the inception of both scholarship programs through the year of 2021, $189,000 in scholarships have been awarded.  THE MOLES are committed to continuing this program into the future.     

Our Contributions and Scholarship Programs

MLK Scholarship
Diggs Scholarship
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