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About The Moles


Our Founding: 
THE MOLES was organized in October of 1928 in Norfolk, Virginia by Maxine Ferebee, Thelma Hill, Vivian Hucles, and Naomi Johnson. These four friends had such a delightful Halloween of fun and friendship that they decided to invite nine other friends to join them for the second evening of fun. The friends who joined the group one week later were: Emily Segar Alston, Kathryn Brown Bibbins, Marion Palmer Capps, Nellie Holmes Joyner, Aline Black Hicks, Roberta Moseley Lucas, Eva Tucker Moore, Elizabeth Turner Reid, and Maria Williamson Jackson.  


Each member of the group was young, engaged in the field of education, and ready for fun and fellowship. Such a marvelous time was enjoyed by the members that the decision was unanimous to form a club. At this meeting, the group chose the name THE MOLES. 


In the Spring of 1949, the Norfolk Moles and their husbands were the weekend guests of Naomi Johnson Millender of Washington, D.C. As a result of this delightful weekend, the club became a National Organization. The corporation was chartered in Norfolk, Virginia in the year 1950 as THE MOLES. The husbands and other affiliating friends of THE MOLES  became affectionately known as THE MULES.


The Charter Members were Moles Emily Alston, Sara Ashe, Ernestine Bowser, Eunice Brickhouse, Lillian Brock,  Margaret Chavious, Hermoine Ford,  Mary Lou Henderson, Vivian Hucles, Celestine Porter, Thelma Pruden, Vivian Riddick, Aileen Spiller, and Cleo Washington.


The Norfolk, VA. Chapter of Moles was incorporated with the power to establish subordinate chapters in 1950....beginning with the Mother Chapter (Norfolk) of our organization. At the 66th and 67th Conclaves held in Raleigh, North Carolina, and Detroit, Michigan, respectfully, our organization voted to expand eligibility to a total of thirty-five (35)  chapters: each with a maximum of  35 members...exclusive of transfers from another Mole chapter.


There are, now, thirty-two (32) Mole chapters in 16 states and the District of Columbia. 

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