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About The Moles


On Halloween of 1928, four friends gathered in Norfolk, Virginia, for an evening of card playing, girl talk, and fun.  These four: Maxine Ferebee, Thelma Hill, Vivian Hucles, and Naomi Johnson had such a delightful time that they decided to invite nine other friends to join them for the second evening of fellowship. The friends who joined the group one week later were: Emily Segar Alston, Kathryn Brown Bibbins, Marion Palmer Capps, Nellie Holmes Joyner, Aline Black Hicks, Roberta Moseley Lucas, Eva Tucker Moore, Elizabeth Turner Reid, and Maria Williamson Jackson.  They had so much fun that by the end of the evening, they unanimously decided to form a club and called themselves THE MOLES.


 The group continued to meet regularly, and in the Spring of 1949, the Norfolk Moles and their husbands were the weekend guests of Naomi Johnson Millender.  Although Naomi had been an original member of the group, she had married and had relocated to Washington, D.C. The group had a festive weekend and decided that Washington, D.C. would be a perfect place for a second chapter.  The club expanded and became a national organization.


In 1950, THE MOLES incorporated and was chartered in Norfolk, Virginia. The husbands and other affiliating male friends of THE MOLES became affectionately known as THE MULES.  Today, there are thirty-three (33) chapters stretching as far north as Connecticut, and as far south as Florida, and Dallas/Fort Worth to the west. Membership in the organization is by invitation only; and, to-date there are over 950 members.  THE MOLES are typically women of leadership and prominence in their communities and in their professions.  Through their membership in THE MOLES, ladies share a common bond as exemplified in their motto: “Enjoy Yourself; It’s Later Than You Think!”

Our National Charter Members:

  • Emily Alston

  • Sara Ashe

  • Ernestine Bowser

  • Eunice Brickhouse

  • Lillian Brock

  • Margaret Chavious

  • Hermoine Ford

  • Mary Lou Henderson

  • Vivian Hucles

  • Celestine Porter

  • Thelma Pruden

  • Vivian Riddick

  • Aileen Spiller

  • Cleo Washington


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